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Call on
Tuck in
Tidy the ends of items of clothing by placing them inside something.
Sum up
Dig up
Remove something from the ground.
Look back
Think about the past.
Point out
Make someone aware of something.
Come down
Hammer away at
Work relentlessly.
Get it off
Have sex. [Get it off]
Tack on
Add something that wasn't planned.
Be snowed under
Have too much work.
Break out in
Sweat heavily, develop skin sores or irritation..
Give of
Contribute without expecting anything in return, usually time or money.
Hang back
Not move forwards to avoid doing something.
While away
Spend time doing something because you have nothing better to do.
Look down on
to consider someone or something as not important or of value.
Roll up
To appear in large numbers for an event.
Jack around
Make trouble for someone, fail to keep promises.
Hold down
Keep a job.
Go across
Move to another side or place.
Put on
Deceive, lie.
Open up
Start to talk freely about something.
Tire out
Make someone exhausted.
Have in
Have a supply of something in a particular place.
Snuff out
Extinguish a small flame by covering it.
Coop up
Confine in a small area.
Blow away
When the wind moves something from a place.
Contract in
Become involved or committed to something.
Rake over
Talk, think, etc, about something negative in the past.
Knock up
Play a bit before a match to get ready.
Time out
End or close something because of a time limit.
Take apart
Take something to pieces.
Choose up
Form groups or teams.