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Cover for
Provide an excuse or alibi.
Brick up
Close or fill a space with bricks.
Zip around
Move quickly.
Come out in
Have a rash or similar skin problem.
Put down for
Commit to make a payment.
Bring along
Help someone improve.
Fit in
Get on in a group of people.
Mill around
Walk around without going anywhere.
Come on
Put across
Communicate, convey a message.
Feed on
Give someone a particular food.
Close up
Move closer together.
Dip out
Leave a place without telling anyone.
Sit on
Be on a committee.
Be out to
Give out
Have no more of a supply.
Warm up
Do exercises before a sport.
Clean up
Tidy and clean.
Grasp at
Take an opportunity without hesitation.
Send for
Ask someone to come and help.
Live by
Follow a belief system to guide your behaviour.
Flog off
Sell something cheaply to get rid of it.
Come by
Kick down
Break something with your feet.
Draw down
Reduce levels.
Save up
Collect or store something for future use.
Mark down
Reduce the price of something.
Plow on
Continue doing something you don't want to.
Sleep in
Sleep longer than usual.
Brace up
Feel more confident or optimistic about something.
Bucket down
Rain heavily.
Grow out of
Lose interest as you grow older or become more mature.
Fall out
Argue and be on bad terms with someone.