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Mug up on
Study something quickly, revise.
Shake down
Cater for
To provide what is necessary.
Bang on about
Keep talking about something.
Fly at
Criticise or shout angrily.
Ride off
Go away on a bike, horse, etc.
Tap up
Approach a footballer illegally to get them to change teams.
Cut across
Affect people of different groups, classes, etc.
Barge in
Enter a place and interrupt.
Drive out
Force someone to leave a place.
Wrap up
Cover in paper.
Wrap round
Cover with clothing, usually to keep warm.
Call off
Order someone to stop attacking.
Slob about
Be lazy, do nothing.
Flare out
Get angry suddenly.
Tip off
Secretly inform the police or authorities.
Play around
Be sexually promiscuous or unfaithful.
Agree with
Affect- usually used in the negative to show that something has had a negative effect, especially is it makes you feel bad.
Box up
Pack things in boxes to move them.
Peel out
Accelerate rapidly from stationary.
Sit about
Sit and do nothing, especially when you should be working.
Sleep over
Spend the night at someone else's house.
Carry on
Behave badly.
Freeze up
Stop working because the parts of a machine won't move.
Mess with
Try to repair or improve, usually unsuccessfully.
Drown out
Be so loud that another sound cannot be heard.
Clown about
Behave stupidly or waste time.
Hone in on
Target, focus.
Saddle with
Give someone a task or responsibility that is difficult or hard work.
Put out
Extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc..
Pick at
Eat unwillingly.
Give up
Stop doing something.
Naff off
Get lost, go away (used as imperative).