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Roll on
When something continues to happen.
Freshen up
Quickly improve the appearance of something.
Grow out
Let hair, etc, with dyes, perms grow to get rid of the style.
Border on
Be very nearly something.
Come off
Be successful.
Toss around
Discuss something freely and openly, but not very seriously.
Conk out
Fall fast asleep.
Figure on
Plan, expect.
Grow into
Mature or change into.
Knock back
Beaver away
Work hard.
Go around
Be or have enough of something.
Bang out
Play a musical instrument loudly.
Settle up
Pay a debt.
Stitch up
Cheat someone or make them look guilty when they aren't.
Scale up
Increase, make bigger.
Count in
Include or involve.
Rush off
Depart in a hurry.
Key to
Plan things to fit or suit people or situations.
Book in
Make a reservation in advance.
Burn off
Remove by burning or similar process.
Make out
Discern a small detail.
Weigh in
Have a certain weight (in sports like boxing).
Tear down
Back out of
Fail to keep an agreement, arrangement.
Give off
Behave in a way that makes people think of you in a certain way.
Hand over
Put through
Connect someone by phone.
Run through
Practise a dramatic work like a play quickly.
Toy over
Think about something.
Sit down
Help someone to sit.
Set back
Take on