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Live up to
Meet expectations or standards.
Blast off
Leave the ground- spaceship or rocket.
Push in
Get in a queue without waiting.
Come over
Affect mentally in such a way as to change behaviour (possibly related to 'overcome').
Straighten up
Clean off
Remove dirt or something dirty.
Give it up to
Swing at
Try to hit.
Clear out
Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted stuff..
Rap out
Say something firmly and loudly.
Stay up
Not go to bed.
Tap for
Get money off someone.
Divvy up
Divide, share.
Run up
Hoist, raise a flag.
Knock together
Join houses that had been separate.
Cock up
Ruin or spoil something.
Get over
Get to the other side.
Pin down
Discover exact details about something.
Auction off
Sell something in an auction.
Eat away
Destroy slowly.
Walk out on
Leave somebody angrily.
Whisk away
Take to another place quickly.
Call up
Spring from
Appear suddenly and unexpectedly.
Count up
Stack up against
Be as good as something.
Jump off
Start quickly, often well.
Step in
Get involved by interrupting something.
Write up
Make complete written version.
Line up
Arrange something in a line.
Yammer on
Talk continuously, especially if it is an annoying way.
Touch upon
Scale back
Make something smaller than originally planned.