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Root out
Find the source of a problem and remove it.
Land with
Create a problem for someone.
Pile on
Add or give more or something.
Sit with
Reconcile different positions.
Cough up
Expel something from your lungs or throat by coughing.
Run in
Drive a new car carefully in order not to damage the engine.
Throw yourself at
Make it clear you are sexually attracted to someone.
Pull in
Peg away
Keep working at something.
Sweep through
Move quickly through.
Hook up
Meet someone.
Fob off on
Make or persuade someone to accept something you don't want.
Strike out
Pick up on
React to something.
Flag down
Signal at a vehicle to get it to stop.
Brush off
Ignore, pay little attention.
Polish up
Improve something quickly.
Bug out
Leave somewhere in a hurry.
Turn away
Not allow someone to enter a place.
Flare up
When trouble suddenly appears.
Print out
Make a hard copy of a computer document.
Be out of
Have no more left.
Come through with
Provide something needed.
Get away
Go on holiday or for a short break.
Get back to
Respond when you know the answer.
Ask around
Ask a number of people for information of help.
Give onto
Open into a place, for a door or window.
Get into
Start a habit or way of acting or behaving.
Hang in there
Persevere, not give up.
Bash about
Mistreat physically.
Snuff out
Forge ahead
Make a lot of progress in a short time.
Fly into
Change emotion quickly.