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Pair off
Form pairs.
Go up
Be promoted.
Pass as
Be believed to be something.
Slice off
Cut, remove an amount or part of something.
Tap out
Use all the money available.
Break in
Train a horse to be ridden.
Give away
Betray, report to authorities.
Dress down
Lark around
Behave in a silly way.
Blurt out
Say something quickly without thinking, especially if you shouldn't.
Grind down
Reduce or destroy someone's enthusiasm.
Prey on
Exploit or harm.
Top out
Stop increasing, reach the highest point.
Jump in
Enter a conversation.
Cheer on
Shade in
Make a part of a picture darker.
Go one
A way of encouraging someone.
Give over
Stop doing something bad or annoying.
Heat up
Make food hot.
Buff up
Clear, clean or make something shine.
Pop up
Appear unexpectedly.
Get through to
Reach a stage in a competition.
Ask over
Throw out
Be along
Hole up
Hide to avoid detection or an unpleasant situation.
Keep up with
Move at the same rate.
Write out
Write something completely.
Break out of
Slacken off
Become less busy or intense.
Reckon on
The minimum expected.
Go back on
Break a promise.
Sign on
Agree to participate.