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Get back at
Take revenge.
Count upon
Expect something to happen and base plans on it.
Dive in
Start eating.
Smash down
Demolish or break something down.
Write off
Destroy a car in an accident.
Set off
Provide a visual contrast that looks good.
Cut down
Measure out
Measure or weigh the amount needed.
Rush away
Leave a place in a hurry.
Act out
Perform something with actions and gestures..
Give over to
Dedicate, devote.
Stand for
Accept or tolerate behaviour.
Patch together
Create or assemble something quickly without much planning.
Spaff away
Waste (money, time, resources, etc).
Hold back from
Not allow yourself to do something.
Weed out
Remove, get rid of.
Snap off
Break a piece off something.
Conjure up
Create something without many resources.
Send off
Expel a sports player from a match.
Put back
Rearrange something for a later time.
Sit by
Not try to stop something.
Flounce out
Leave a place angrily.
Sniff out
Find something by smell (usually for dogs).
Steal up
Approach quietly or secretly.
Chip away at
Gradually reduce something to make it less powerful, effective, etc.
Whip up
Make food quickly.
Sink in
Slowly come to be understood.
Fink on
Give away secrets about someone.
Tick over
Operate but without moving (engines).
Live out
Fulfill an ambition or fantasy.
Cast up
Be left on the shore by the sea.
Blow away
Beat rivals or competitors by a large margin.
Set apart
Distinguish, be better than or different from others.