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Stick it to
Treat someone badly or unfairly.
Pare back
If you pare something back, you reduce the size or numbers..
Lose out to
Be less successful.
Pig out
Eat a lot.
Beat down
Get someone to lower the price of something.
Pass for
Be accepted as something, usually when not.
Put on
Start wearing.
Drop around
Make up
Put on cosmetics.
Toss up
Decide something by throwing a coin and seeing which side lands face up..
Brighten up
Make something more attractive or pleasant.
Get in
Arrive (train, plane, home, etc.) /
Sell up
Sell a house or business to move somewhere or do something different.
Get down to
Enjoy something a lot.
Cheat on
Be sexually unfaithful.
Get behind
Fasten up
Close, attach.
Ring with
When a place is full of a loud sound.
Pull apart
Stop people or animals fighting.
Do with
Wish for or ask for (usually after can or could).
Slip in
Try to include something discreetly when speaking.
Fill in on
Give someone information.
Buckle under
Accept something under pressure, against your will.
Pull yourself together
Become calm or regain control of your emotions.
Pay off
Completely repay a debt.
Tee up
Place a golf ball on a short plastic or wooden stick before hitting it at the start of a hole..
Ask for
Request to have or be given.
Peg down
Fasten something to the ground.
Throw in
Join, accompany.
Rain down on
Fall in large numbers.
Keep out
Not allow someone to enter.
Drill down
Search through layers of information on a computer.
Keel over
Turn upside down.