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Log out
Exit a computer system.
Whip into
Enter rapidly (as for a brief errand).
Pass back
Pull off
Manage to do something difficult or tricky.
Sell on
Buy something then sell it to someone else.
Hand down
Give a formal decision.
Belong to
Be connected to a time, place, belief, thing, etc.
Cut it out
Stop your unfair or unreasonable behaviour.
String along
Deceive someone for a long time.
Stand back
Keep a distance from something.
Hit upon
Try to attract someone sexually.
Bone up
Study hard for a reason.
Brush up
Improve a skill quickly.
Call for
Go and collect someone to take them out.
Peg out
Put washing outside to dry.
Hit up
Inject drugs.
Settle in
Get used to.
Come in for
Receive (criticism or praise).
Double back
Go back the way you were coming.
Crack down on
Use more authority than usual.
Kick around with
Spend time with.
Talk over
Rat on
Inform authorities about someone's wrongdoings.
Peel off from
Leave a group by moving in a different direction.
Bring about
Make something happen.
Perk up
Feel better or happier, make someone feel better or happier.
Take aside
Get someone alone to talk to them.
Take to
Make a habit of something.
Chalk up
To achieve something good.
Fluff out
Shake or pat a cushion so that it fills with air.
Pull together
Work together as a team.
Sign off
End a message.
Kick out