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Sign away
Give away legal or property rights.
Pile up
Accumulate in a pile or heap.
Grind up
Reduce to small pieces.
Work over
Examine carefully.
Slip on
Put clothes on quickly.
Pick out
Identify from a picture.
Cart off
Take something away, especially if stealing or without permission.
Keep down
Not vomit.
Chop up
Cut into small pieces.
Sail through
Pass easily, succeed.
Read up on
Close in on
Get near someone.
Duff up
Beat or hit someone repeatedly.
Juice up
Make something more exciting or perform better.
Pin up
Fix something to a wall, or other vertical surface, with a pin.
Crack up
Have bad reception on a mobile phone.
Get on with
Continue or start doing something.
Press forward with
Continue or go ahead with a project, process, plan, etc.
Sign up
Give your name to do something.
Come up with
Think of a solution, excuse, etc..
Keep up
Not let someone go to bed.
Have over
Receive a guest.
Burst into
Laugh, cry or clap loudly.
Train up
Teach someone the specific skills they will need to carry out a job or task.
Keep in
Not allow someone out.
Mull over
Think about an issue or problem.
Opt in
Choose to be part or a member of something.
Start out
Begin a journey.
Lighten up
Be less serious.
Drum up
Increase support or interest.
Knock down
Hit and injure someone.
Throw together
Make or arrange quickly.
Hit it off
Have a good relationship from the first time you meet a person.