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Close in
Surround, envelop.
Grind out
Produce something with great difficulty.
Roll up!
An imperative used to attract people to a public event.
Give yourself up to
Dedicate time, energy, etc, to something.
Walk off
Go for a walk to reduce the effects of an illness or bad feeling.
Step back
Look at something from a different perspective.
Make it up to
Try to compensate for doing something wrong.
Pile out
Leave a place quickly, in a disorganised way.
Wave aside
Ignore or refuse to consider what someone says.
Bog down
Slow make progress.
Cater to
To provide what is needed, often seen negatively.
Press for
Apply pressure to get permission or to obtain something.
Go past
Pass without stopping.
Swan in
Enter in a dramatic or attention-seeking manner.
Fall down
Have a weak point.
Bog in
Eat enthusiastically.
Load down
Man down
Behave without courage or conviction.
Take through
Explain something to someone.
Walk away from
Leave something you don't like.
Sag off
Not go to school or work, or leave early when you shouldn't.
Lash down
Fall heavily (rain).
Cut in
Start functioning.
Rake in
Earn, make money easily.
Double up
Bend over at the waist.
Ramp up
Increase price, speed or power of something.
Give way to
Allow a vehicle to pass in front.
Bottle away
Store up.
Get off it
A way of expressing disbelief, or telling someone that they're wrong or have an incorrect opinion.
Mess up
Cause mental, physical or emotional problems.
Be cut up
Be upset.
Go through
Consume or spend.
Get off on
Become excited by.