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Sing out
Reply loudly.
Get onto
Appear on the radio or TV.
Pull out
Move into traffic.
Pack up
Break down, stop working.
Press into
Bring or force into use.
Play down
Try to make something seem less important.
Drop over
Visit for a short time.
Bang up
Damage badly.
Do away with
Abolish, get rid of.
Bargain down
Persuade someone to drop the price of something they're selling.
Chase up
Ensure that someone remembers to do something.
Look up
Find, trace an old friend.
Show over
Take someone around a site.
Lock onto
Find a target and head for it.
Spill over
When something bad has a wider impact on other people or situations.
Take in
Lord it over
Behave in a superior manner.
Go for it
Be assertive and ready to initiate action.(Related to the meaning 'attack').
File away
Put a document in the correct place for storage in a filing system.
Size up
Make something bigger or produce bigger products.
Tick by
Pass (of time).
Shut off
Close, prevent access.
Nail down
Get full information from someone.
Take out
Borrow money from a bank or other official lender.
Cling on to
Try to keep something.
Bring forth
Remove something from where it is kept or hidden.
Count against
Affect negatively, make less likely to succeed.
Syphon off
Take business, support or votes from someone.
Faff about
Behave indecisively.
Clog up
Block, slow movement right down.
Act on
To take action because of something like information received.
Go away
Leave a place or disappear.
Cap off
Finish or complete, often with some decisive action.