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Sign out of
Close a particular computer program that requires a name and password.
Block off
Obstruct an exit to prevent people from leaving.
Close out
Ignore, exclude.
See about
Arrange, consider.
Live down
Stop being embarrassed about something.
Go into
Begin a speech or description.
Scare off
Make someone so frightened that he or she away.
Turn off
Stop a machine.
Shut out of
Exclude someone from an activity, etc.
Lay into
Criticise angrily.
Get up
Get out of bed.
Set up
Start a company.
Knock up
Produce or create something quickly.
Chat up
Talk to someone you are sexually interested in to get them interested in you.
Tuck into
Start eating something.
Set about
Tail away
Become silent or inaudible.
Come down on
Criticise heavily.
Cast off
Untie a boat so it's free to sail.
Tie in with
Occur at the same time.
Flake out
Fall asleep from exhaustion.
Hold out
Key down
Relax, unwind.
Make do with
Accept something less satisfactory because there's no alternative.
Get across to
Be convincing or make a good impression.
Lash into
Criticise someone strongly.
Hunt out
Search until you find something.
Drive up
Arrive in a vehicle.
Die for
Want something a lot.
Sit in on
Attend as an observer.
Nut out
Find an answer to a problem.
Price up
Charge more for something.
Soften up
Do things to please someone in the hope that they will do what you want.