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Ball up
Confuse or make things complicated.
Make out
Kiss and pet.
Dig in
Excavate a protective shelter (military).
Wrap up
Cotton on
To work out the truth.
Go off
Stop working (electric/electronic equipment).
Pair up
Form a pair.
Count out
Count a certain amount of money.
Wipe out
Kill all of a population, make extinct.
Whip through
Do something quickly.
Stick out
Extend part of your body.
Trade upon
Exploit, use to your advantage.
Dip into
Take money out of your savings.
Sign on
Start broadcasting.
White out
Use correction fluid to cover a mistake in a written text.
Pipe up
To speak, raise your voice.
Cool down
Get cooler.
Touch for
Borrow money.
Harp on
Talk repeatedly about something.
Strike on
Have a good idea.
Chill out
Land up in
Arrive, end a journey in a place, often without planning.
Gun for
Try to destroy an opponent.
Give out
End or finish somewhere.
Damp down
Calm or reduce feelings, emotions.
Budge up
Move to make space for someone.
Split up
Finish a relationship.
Fall apart
Break into pieces.
Bear with
Be patient.
Chip in
Contribute some money.
Palm off
Pretend something is better than it is in order to sell it.
Take after
Look like, resemble.
Sneak out
Depart furtively.