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Look for
Try to find.
Stay over
Stay overnight.
Pull away
When a vehicle moves from a place.
Think up
Create or invent something, especially when lying.
Let down
Disappoint, fail to keep an arrangement.
Grow into
Grow to fit large clothes.
Break away
Leave an organisation, usually to form a new one.
Dip in
Put something in a liquid for a short time.
Drop back
Move towards the back of a group.
Board up
Cover windows or doors with wood, metal, etc..
Come into
Drink up
Finish a drink.
Fish for
Try to get some information or to get someone to say something.
Chase down
Try hard to find or get something.
Give it up for
Pour forth
Emerge from a place in large numbers.
Skin up
Make a cannabis joint.
Draw out
Make a shy person more outgoing.
Muscle in
Become involved in something when your involvement is not wanted.
Stub out
Extinguish a cigarette.
Come on
Start functioning (machines, etc).
Lash out at
Hit someone suddenly, usually without warning, or try to hit them.
Watch over
Keep an eye on something or someone to check that there's no trouble.
Stick by
Support someone when they are having difficulties.
Mooch about
Spend time doing little or nothing.
Answer for
Be held responsible for a problem.
Bowl over
Knock someone to the ground.
Bag out
See to
Deal with something.
Shrug off
Disregard something, not consider it important or harmful.
Send in
Write to get information.
Edge out
Gradually push someone or something out of their position.
Stiffen up
Make something rigid.