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Look forward to
Wait for or anticipate something pleasant.
Go down with
Find acceptance.
Weigh out
Measure a certain amount of something by weight.
Bliss out
Be extremely relaxed and happy.
Slip into
Put clothes on quickly.
Word up!
A phrase that was used a greeting.
Go under
Go bankrupt.
Rush out
Release or put something on sale quickly.
Splash out on
Spend a lot of money on something.
Cough up
Lose possession of a ball, etc. in a contact sport.
Spew out
Expel, throw out.
Wash out
Rain so heavily that an event has to be cancelled.
Fire up
Excite, become excited.
Run on
Be powered by.
Log in
Enter a restricted area on a computer system.
Wait behind
Stay somewhere after other people have left.
Stick up
Stand on end.
Chuck up
Quit something.
Look to
Expect, hope.
Buff up
Go it alone
Do something without help.
Cozy up to
Make yourself popular with someone.
Pony up
Pay for something.
Strike out
Start doing something new and different.
Shape up
Improve to reach an acceptable standard.
Fire away
Ask questions.
Turn out
Blow up
Enlarge (e.g., photograph)..
Cop off
Leave work or school early.
Wait up
Not go to bed because you are waiting.
Check in
Register on arriving at a hotel or at the airport.
Drop round
Visit someone, often without making an arrangement.
Creep into
Become noticeable in something.