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Sniff out
Find out information, especially when people don't want anyone to know.
Suss out
Come to understand.
Peck at
Eat very small amounts.
Be away
Be elsewhere; on holiday, etc..
Go around
Get off
Orgasm, have sex.
Lash down
Secure something with ropes or cords.
Chase off
Force a person to leave or go away.
Pass up
Decline a chance.
Get in with
Become friendly with, ingratiate with.
Light up
Light or start smoking a cigarette.
Die out
Become extinct or disappear.
Sign on with
Sign a document joining or agreeing to something.
Be taken aback
Be shocked or surprised.
Finish with
Finish using or requiring.
Floor it
Drive a vehicle as fast as possible.
Walk back from
Retract a statement.
Walk on
Continue walking.
Prey on
Catch and kill an animal for food.
Nod off
Fall asleep.
Scout about
Look in different places for something.
Fill in for
Gear to
Organise or arrange something for a particular purpose, audience, etc. (Often passive).
Call on
Cut back on
Reduce expenditure.
Blaze away
Fire a gun repeatedly.
Jot down
Make a quick note.
Have against
Dislike, disagree or hold a grudge (Usually negative).
Wear down
Make something weaker.
Rub down
Dry or clean something with a cloth.
Turn in
Hand in, submit.
Toddle off
Leave, go home.
Hang out
Spend time socially.