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Pare down
Reduce, decrease.
Bump into
Meet by chance.
Measure up
Find the size of something.
End up
Become or do something unplanned.
Fold up
Make a sheet of paper smaller.
Doss down
Sleep somewhere temporarily because you don't go home.
Live together
Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying.
Muscle into
Become involved even though there is opposition to your involvement.
Nerd out
Discuss something in great detail.
Dig into
Reach inside to get something.
Read off
Read a list aloud for someone to write down.
Ship out
Send goods to a place.
Grass on
Report someone to a person in authority.
Operate on
Perform surgery.
Fit in with
Occur or happen in a way that shows that plans or ideas have not changed.
Bring in
Watch out
Be careful (imperative).
Knock up
Become or get someone pregnant..
Wait upon
Wait for a result before being able to make a decision.
Cast off
Dispose, get rid of.
Hang around
Stay in a place.
Close in
Approach, get near.
Be on about
Mean, try to say.
Work through
Deal with, resolve a problem, often emotional.
Run over
Hit with a vehicle.
Go off with
Elope, run away with someone.
Get round (or around)
Persuade someone.
Come down with
Fall ill.
Slag off
Criticise heavily.
Read out
Read aloud rather than silently.
Trip up
Make a mistake.
Bone up on
Study hard for a goal or reason.
Stand by
Support someone.