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Mess with
Associate (negative).
Toss for
Make a decision by throwing a coin and seeing which side lands face up.
Follow up
Find our about a problem and act.
Hand in
Submit work for appraisal.
Go over to
Change to something different.
Cut up
Cut into smaller pieces.
Smack of
Appear to have a negative quality.
Go through
Do something in a certain way or following certain procedures.
Talk down to
Talk in a way to show your superiority not communicate.
Try on
Put clothes on to see if they fit.
Break up
Close an educational institution for the holidays.
Draw up
When a vehicle stops.
Go with
Accept, agree to.
Count upon
Depend, rely.
Quit on
Stop working or functioning.
Wheel out
Use something like an explanation that has been used many times before and has lost its impact.
Go out to
Feel sympathy with someone.
Slough off
Get rid of, dispose.
Buzz off!
Go away (imperative).
Slip out
Leave discreetly.
Spark up
Light a cigarette or joint.
Root out
Look for and find.
Queer up
Mess up, ruin.
Freeze over
Become covered with ice (lake, river, pond, etc).
Hang out for
Wait or refuse to do something until you get what you want.
Big up
Exaggerate the importance.
Hit with
Surprise someone with some information or news.
Cruise through
Pass or succeed easily.
Stand in for
Substitute someone temporarily.
Take up
Make clothes shorter.
Blow off
Ignore, not do something.
Fence off
Enclose an area to keep animals or people out.
Pitch into
Criticise severely or attack someone.