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Lash out on
Spend a lot of money buying something.
Back into
Enter a parking area in reverse gear.
Start up
Open a business.
Soldier on
Continue even when things get difficult.
Cozy up
Make yourself comfortable.
Pop in
Visit for a short time.
Reach out
Stretch your arm to get something.
Go down
Scrape by
Just manage to pass something.
Dish out
Serve food.
Go over
Monkey around
Not be serious.
Slant toward
Favour one viewpoint, bias.
Bundle up
Wrap or tie things together.
Get around
Become known.
Bring down
Make something cheaper.
Keep to
Stay within limits.
Tuck away
Eat a lot.
Pay into
Deposit money.
Pay back
Take revenge on.
Wig out
Become excited and lose control.
Tear away
Remove a surface violently.
Block up
Fill a space so that nothing can pass.
Land in
Get someone into trouble.
Put off
Stop liking something or somebody.
Sit over
Eat or drink slowly.
Single out
Select or choose one from a group.
Bring forward
Make something happen earlier than originally planned.
Stand up to
Resist damage.
See through
Continue with something to the end.
Tick over
Continue working, but without improving.
Settle on
Bundle out