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Walk in on
Enter somewhere unexpectedly and see something.
Own up
Pass on to
Change topic or subject.
Let on
Tell a secret.
Get together
Meet socially.
Track down
Find after a long search.
Usher in
Be at, mark or celebrate an important point in time.
Latch on
Understand, often after a long time.
Pack it in
Stop doing something (used as an imperative).
Ring in
Telephone to inform or confirm something.
Pull down
Fit up
Provide equipment. [Fit up]
Back down
Retract or withdraw your position or proposal in an argument.
Sober up
Stop showing the effects of alcohol or drugs.
Saddle up
Put a saddle on and prepare an animal to ride.
Go forth
Travel abroad, leave a place.
Come up against
Encounter problems or difficulties.
Stomp on
Treat badly or defeat.
Break up
Break into many pieces.
Try out
Test something to see if you like it or want to buy it.
Make with
Give (usually used as an imperative).
Make up for
Bed out
to move young or delicate plants from inside and plant them outside
Fight off
Fight an attacker and force them back.
Make off
Leave somewhere in a hurry.
Break through
Pass a barrier or obstacle.
Goof around
Fool around, not be serious.
Run along
Go away, leave (often as an imperative).
Keep at
Continue with something difficult.
Stay away
Not come.
Make away with
Mark out for
Show promise for the future.
Walk away with
Win easily.