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Plough through
Move through somewhere where there is little space or there are obstacles.
Sniff at
Disapprove or be scornful.
Sign with
Make a contract with.
Come across
The way other people see you.
Stick to
Restrict or limit and not change.
Hang it up
Retire, quit.
Mark off
Tick, cross out or otherwise mark something to show that it has been dealt with.
Play out
Pretend that something is real and reduce its effect.
Fiddle around
Make small movements with your hands.
Pad down
Sleep somewhere for the night.
Get into
Become involved or interested.
Snitch on
Divulge secrets, inform authorities about someone.
Fire off
Shoot, fire a gun (usually repeatedly).
Plough on
Continue doing something you don't want to.
Pull apart
Make someone unhappy or upset.
Faff around
Behave indecisively.
Pick up on
Notice something that most people don't.
Run to
Include in things you like.
Shut down
Close a business, shop, etc..
Cheer up
Be less unhappy.
Mug up
Study quickly, revise.
Tune in to
Watch or listen to a TV or radio programme.
Bulk out
Make something bigger or thicker.
Tide over
Use something carefully so as not to finish it.
Free up
Make money or time available by not using it elsewhere.
Tear up
Have eyes fill with tears.
Peg it
Talk round
Talk about a problem or issue without really dealing with it.
Border on
Be located next to a place.
Get through
Manage to pass.
Bowl out
Hit someone's wicket in cricket with the ball.
Sell out
Lose all artistic integrity in return for commercial success.
Time out
End or close because of a time limit.