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Run against
Oppose, make difficulties.
Wade through
Get to the end of something with difficulty.
Tee off
Start or launch an event.
Crank up
Increase, make something bigger.
Give up
Surrender, stop trying.
Tie up
Roll in
Arrive in large numbers, for military vehicles.
Hate on
Be jealous, abuse or have an active hatred of someone.
Close in upon
Get near someone.
Dash down
Write something quickly.
Sponge off
Accept free food and support without any shame or qualms.
Get down
Empty out
Empty something completely.
Try for
Make an attempt to get something.
Rub up against
Touch someone in a sensual or sexual way.
Get over
Communicate, make people understand.
Feed off
Use something to your advantage.
Dob in
Report someone to teachers, authorities, etc.
Go down to
Be defeated.
Square up
Confront someone or prepare to fight them.
Pull in
Stop a car by the side of the road.
Build up
Pluck at
Pull or fiddle with something nervously.
Pass to
Become owner of or responsible for something.
Check by
Visit a place to check something.
Dump on
Treat someone badly.
Rub it in
Emphasise how bad a situation is to make someone feel worse.
Run up
Spend a lot of money on credit.
Psych up
Prepare someone mentally.
Count towards
Be a part needed to complete something.
Hook into
Persuade someone to do something they don't want to do.
Stand down
Finish being asked questions in a court.
Wash up
Clean everything used to prepare food and eat it.