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Open up
Allow goods into a market.
Scare away
Frighten someone some much that they go away.
Contract out
Give a contract for a service outside the company you work for.
Pore over
Read, look at or study carefully.
Cream off
Separate the best or most talented people so that they can receive special or different treatment.
Feed on
Grow stronger.
Dash off
Leave somewhere quickly.
Get out
Become known when people want it to remain secret.
Make over
Change appearance.
Show out
Take someone to out of a room or building.
Look out for
Take care of someone, make sure someone is cared for.
Fall down
Fall on the ground.
Butter up
Praise or flatter someone excessively.
Go out with
Have a relationship with.
Grow to
Eventually do something.
Ring off
Finish a phone conversation.
Stash away
Store or hide something in a safe place.
Hold against
Have a grudge against someone, or little respect.
Beat down
Strong sunshine.
Pick on
Bother, annoy, criticize or make fun of someone.
Roll by
Pass (time).
Burn up
Drive at high speed.
Sniff around
Look around to see how good something is or to try to find something better.
Veg out
Relax, do nothing.
Straighten out
Make something straight.
Give yourself up
Surrender to the police or authorities.
Pal about
Be friendly and spend time with someone.
Suck in
Become involved in something unpleasant.
Knock around
Discuss casually.
Ask about
Ask how someone is doing, especially professionally and in terms of health.
Bang about
Move in a place making a lot of noise.
Cross off
Delete, remove from a list.
Be out
Be absent from a place.