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Go on
Trade off
Accept something you don't really want to get something you do want.
Front for
Represent someone, especially when covering illegal or wrongful activities.
Bring off
Succeed with something difficult.
Drop through
Come to nothing, produce no results.
Back up
Make a copy of computer data.
Cut in
Include someone in a deal that makes money.
Add up to
Have a certain result.
Melt down
Heat something solid, especially metal, until it becomes liquid.
Run away
Escape from people chasing you.
Move along
Tell someone to move from a place.
Spill out
When large numbers of people leave a place at the same time.
Get on
Jazz up
Make something more interesting or attractive.
Show off
Make the qualities of another thing more apparent.
Have in
Entertain people in your home.
Go without
Cope without having something.
Trip over
Nose out
Find out, discover- usually information, secrets, etc.
Fob off
Make or persuade someone to accept something.
Throw off
Produce light or heat.
Aim at
To target.
Bawl out
Sing or shout unpleasantly loudly.
Call for
Go out
Clean out
Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted things..
Whip up
Make people feel more strongly about something.
Tail off
Become silent or inaudible.
Claw back
Regain possession with difficulty.
Give away
Give a weight advantage to an opponent in boxing.
Sign in
Write your name when entering a place.
Stop up
Fill or block something.
Bring up
Be officially charged with a crime.