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Act on
Owe to
Be the reason for something.
Act up
Behave badly or strangely.
Give way to
Surrender to strong emotions.
Flip out
Become very excited and lose control.
Wipe out
Make someone very tired.
Fawn on
Praise someone in an excessive way to get their favour or something from them.
Mop up
Remove a liquid that has been spilt.
Calm down
Stop being angry or emotionally excited.
Pitch for
Try to persuade someone to give your work, business, a job, etc.
Pop out
Go out for a short time.
Belong with
Be in the correct or appropriate location with other items.
Plug in
Connect machines to the electricity supply.
Fasten onto
Give attention to something that confirms your beliefs.
Prey upon
Catch and kill an animal for food.
Key up
Make someone excited or nervous.
Vacuum up
Take down
Buoy up
Keep afloat.
Spill out
Come or flow out of a box, container, etc.
Wriggle out of
Avoid doing something in a way other people don't like.
Put by
Save for the future.
Nose about
Look for something hidden or secret.
Run for
Campaign for a position.
Screw around
Be sexually promiscuous.
Set to
Work hard or enthusiastically.
Nerd out
Play safe and avoid taking a risk.
Pair off
Begin a romantic relationship.
Kick around
Clean up
Profit, sometimes suddenly.
Make for
Head in a certain direction.
End in
Finish a certain way.
Sign off on
Give official approval.