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Hoon around
Act in a dangerous or reckless way, especially when driving fast.
Play on
Exploit a weakness.
Kiss off
Consider something to be unimportant or inferior.
Let out
Allow to leave or go out.
Trade off
Bargain, make a deal or compromise.
Prattle on
Talk too much.
Get away from
Go somewhere different or do something different.
Gad around
Visit different places for pleasure.
Sign out
Sign something to show you have borrowed something.
Pluck up
Muster, acquire, gather.
Carry on
Put in
Get at
Give back
Return something you've borrowed.
Rat out
Inform the authorities about someone.
Follow through
Do what is necessary to complete something or make it successful.
Throw off
Get rid of.
Move out
Change lane or position to pass a vehicle.
Feel up to
Feel capable of doing something.
Get ahead of
Move in front of.
Walk out
Leave work because of a dispute with the management.
Cream off
Take money or divert funds, usually wrongfully or unfairly.
Stick down
Join surfaces with glue.
Creep up on
Approach without someone realising.
Get through to
Contact, especially by phone.
Dwell upon
Spend a lot of time on something.
Get along in
Have in
Get someone to do some work.
Back up
Shop around
Look around for the best price, quality, etc..
Crop up
Appear unexpectedly.
Stick at
Continue doing something despite difficulties.
Storm out
Leave a place angrily.