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Wait out
Wait till something has finished, usually something unpleasant.
Enter for
Join or enter a competition.
Give away
Give without asking for or expecting payment.
Dive in
Start doing something, usually without planning.
Smash in
Break something by hitting it repeatedly.
Plump up
Make something like a cushion bigger and softer by shaking it.
Play upon
Exploit a weakness.
Blow up
Rain out
Be postponed or stopped by rain (usually passive).
Wander off
Stop paying attention.
Bring around
Persuade or convince someone.
Fill out
Complete a form.
Flip through
Look quickly through a magazine, book, etc.
Miss out
Not include.
Draw up
Prepare a contract.
Turn into
Mooch around
Spend time doing little or nothing.
Bail out on
Stop supporting someone when they are in trouble.
Strike up
Start (conversation, relationship).
Sign off
Close a claim for unemployment benefit.
Power down
Cut the electricity supply to a computer or electronic device.
Walk into
Be unaware of the presence of something and either enter it (a trap) or bump into it (an obstruction).
Poke about
Move things around or search in a casual way to try to find something.
Flick through
Look through something quickly.
Pull up
Inform someone that they are wrong.
Chance upon
Find something by accident.
Muddle up
Take things that are ordered or sequenced and mess them up.
Get away with
Achieve something, despite not doing it correctly or properly.
Finish with
End a relationship.
Hold out on
Not pay someone or give them information.
Hang on
Hold tightly.
Stick down
Write something quickly or without thinking about it.
Jerk around
Behave stupidly.