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Shake down
Extort or cheat money from someone.
Account for
To explain.
Sell on
Convince someone.
Go with
Combine nicely.
Aim at
Intend to achieve.
Weigh up
Jump on
Criticize, attack.
Shut yourself away
Withdraw from company.
Rub out
Get around to
Finally manage to do something, make the effort to do something.
Grow up
Develop in a place or for a reason (city, town, etc).
Set back
Plough into
Collide into at speed.
Sort out
Resolve a problem.
Go without
Not have.
Front out
Face up to someone, withstand criticism.
Romp through
Do something easily or quickly.
Come across
Find by accident.
Nip out
Go somewhere quickly.
Zip by
Pass quickly.
Shout out
Say something loudly, often to attract someone's attention.
Talk out of
Persuade someone not to do something.
Reason out
Come to a conclusion or solution after some thought.
Opt out
Choose not to be part of something.
Rack off
Used to tell someone to go away because they're annoying you.
Phase out
Remove gradually.
Dig up
Find something that is supposed to be secret.
Slow down
Reduce speed.
Nose out
Narrowly beat someone.
Put down to
Give as an explanation.
Pit against
Compete or force to compete.
Finish with
Stop dealing with someone.
Be in on
Be involved in.