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Count on
Depend, rely.
Nod through
Pass a law, regulation, etc, without considering or debating it seriously.
Phase in
Introduce gradually.
Race off
Hurry away, leave somewhere quickly.
String along
Accompany someone because you haven't got anything better to do.
Bring down
Make a government fall.
Settle for
Accept whatever is available.
Tag on
Add an additional point to something written or spoken.
Bundle up
Put on warm clothing.
Clamp down on
Restrict or try to stop something.
Link up
Connect, join.
Breeze along
Move easily and quickly.
Take in
Make clothes smaller.
Chuck in
Quit something.
Strike up
Start performing music.
Hang onto
Go in for
Support, advocate.
Get around
Visit many different places.
Slack off
Reduce one's effort, perform with less enthusiasm and energy.
Doss around
Spend time doing very little or being unproductive.
Get up to
Do something wrong or naughty.
Start over
Begin something again.
Wimp out
Not be brave enough to do something.
Get out
Say what you want when it is difficult.
Name after
Give someone a name to remember another person.
Get off
Write or send letters, messages, etc.
Beat out
Narrowly win in competition.
Stave off
Delay, prevent something from happening.
Put towards
Make a financial contribution.
Write in
Send a letter to a TV station, etc..
Nag at
Repeatedly criticise someone verbally.
Cast out
Expel, reject.
Weird out
Disturb, cause concern or worry.