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Clean out
Cause someone to spend all their money.
Whip up
Mix liquid food quickly to make it thick and creamy.
Throw out
Dry up
Stop being supplied with something.
Tear up
Rip into pieces.
Draw on
Pass slowly (time).
Buy into
Accept an idea.
Shave off
Shave completely.
Start up
Make an engine work.
Get on
Be late or near an arranged time.
Get off on
Enjoy a drug.
Give up
Allow someone to sit in your chair, take your place, etc.
Sing out
Sing loudly.
Catch out
Pass out
Go up
Live out
Stay somewhere until you die.
Hit on
Ask for money.
Grow on
Become gradually more evident.
Take up
Fill or occupy time or space.
Trade in
Exchange something old as part of the price of something new.
Go around
Give in to
Allow a feeling or desire to control you.
Cut in
Mix fat and flour until the combine.
Get onto
Contact someone because you need or want them to do something.
Kick off
Argue, protest and refuse to co-operate.
Go for
Be attracted to.
Turn out
Produce an unexpected result.
Get back
Move away.
Bring up
Sign in
Register in a hotel.
Kick in
Contribute money.
Stop up
Stay up late.