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Take on
Allow passengers on a ship or plane.
Wash up
When something in the sea or river is left on the shore or bank.
Get through
Endure or deal with a difficult experience.
Pull back
Decide not to do something or not to be involved with it any longer.
Run in
Arrest, take to police station for questioning.
Cool down
Become calm.
Chip in
Contribute to a discussion.
Quit on
Stop working, associating or being friends with someone, especially when they need support.
Focus on
Hold off
When bad weather doesn't appear.
Go off
Go bad.
Start off
Begin a journey.
Break down
Stop working.
Catch up with
Learn something new that many people already understand.
Move on
Change the subject or your job.
Go into
Be contained in a larger number.
Carry off
Win, succeed.
Boil over
When people lose their tempers and things get nasty.
Creep in
Start to be noticeable.
Put down
Kill an animal because it's old, ill, etc..
Go by
Pay a short visit, call.
Mash up
Crush something until it becomes a paste.
Come out
Disappear when washed.
Pick up
Collect (a person). This differs from the 'collect a thing' meaning - as that means 'collect and bring back' whereas this means either (i) 'collect and drop off on your way' or (ii) 'collect and bring to the same destination'..
Summon up
Get the energy or courage to do something.
Keep off
Not tread on something.
Pull out
Start moving (train).
Take back
Make someone nostalgic.
Look out for
Keep alert and try to see.
Blow up
The beginning of a storm.
Go over
Be approved or accepted.
Get across
Go from one side to the other.
Talk around
Talk about a problem or issue without really dealing with it.