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Sit for
Pose for an artist or photographer.
Show up
Become clear or apparent.
Run to
Have enough money to buy something, often negative.
Have on
Know something about someone that could harm them.
Give away
Distribute something for free.
Call on
Ask someone to do something, especially to speak in public. (Formal).
Go down
Become recorded as or known as.
Get round
Become known.
Bring out
Release or publish.
Click through
Open an advertisement on the Internet.
Break in
Interrupt something.
Reach out to
Ask for help.
Carry over
Continue past a certain point.
Lay down
Kill, murder.
Bash out
Write something quickly without much preparation.
Lose out on
Not gain or have something advantageous.
Pep up
Make someone more enthusiastic, energetic or interested.
Mount up
Increase over time.
Run up
Move quickly to where someone is.
Put off
Could do with
Need or want something.
Give in
Stop doing something because it's too hard or requires too much energy.
Front up
Advance cash for something.
Sift through
Examine a lot of things carefully.
Tootle off
Leave, depart.
Horse around
Not be serious.
Get down
Write, record.
Be down
Be depressed.
Take off
Reduce the price of an item.
Play with
Consider something, but not seriously.
Get along
Lash out
Spend a lot of money on luxuries.
Toy with
Treat insincerely.