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account for
Explain; give a reason
act up
Cause pain or annoyance by functioning badly
angle for
Try to obtain something by hinting.
Blow up
Boil up
Feel a negative emotion strongly.
Bounce back
break down
stop functioning
break free
Detach from a physical hold.
Break in
Go into a building to steal something.
break in/into
Enter by force in order to steal something.
break off
1) Stop, discontinue 2) Stop speaking
break out
Start suddenly and spread quickly
Brighten up
Improve (weather).
Bring around
Get someone talking about something.
bring up
1) Raise (a child). 2) Mention something.
Call for
Call off
calm down
Become more relaxed or less angry/upset.
catch on
become popular
Catch up with
Do something that should have been done earlier.
Clear up
Tidy up.
come back
return to a place
come in
Come out
Let people know that you are lesbian or gay.
come up with
Produce an idea or plan.
count on
Rely or depend on.
Crack up
Have a nervous breakdown.
Cut across
Go across a place rather than around it to make the journey quicker.
Cut up
Drive into a neighbouring lane, directly in front of another vehicle.
Dob in
Contribute money.
Follow on
Leave to meet someone after they have left the place you're at.
get about/around
1) Move from place to place 2) Spread, circulate
Get around
Avoid a problem.