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Get down
Make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc..
Get in
Buy or obtain supplies, like food.
Get into
Get it off with
Have sex with.
Get off
Escape punishment.
Get on
Have a good relationship.
Get onto
Start discussing a topic.
Get out of
Help someone avoid doing something.
Get over
Be shocked or surprised that something if real or true.
Get through
Succeed in an exam or test.
Get to
Annoy, irritate.
Give off
Emit pollution or something else unpleasant.
Give out
Make public.
Go about
Deal with something.
Go down
Decrease, get smaller.
Go in for
Like, have an interest in.
Go off
Leave a place.
Go on
Go round
Go through
Perform or carry something out.
Go up
Rise or climb.
Grasp at
Try to take hold of something quickly.
Grow up on
Do or have something when you are a child.
Grow upon
Like something that you didn't like at first.
hand in
Submit (report, homework)
Hear of
Receive news, updates or information about someone.
Hold back
Not show emotion.
Kick back
Kick off
Start a game of football.
Knock off
Reduce the price of something.
Line up
Arrange events for someone.
Load up
Take illegal drugs.
Lock in
Commit someone in such a way that they cannot leave.