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Lock out
Lock a place to stop someone getting in.
look down on
Consider as inferior
look up to
Make out
make sure of
Mess about
Not be serious, not use something properly.
Mess with
Annoy, bother.
Mop up
Resolve a problem.
move in
Arrive in a new home or office
Pass by
Miss an opportunity.
Pick up
Learn quickly.
Pick up on
Correct someone when they say something wrong.
Pile into
Enter a place quickly, in a disorganised way.
Play on
Continue playing music.
Plough through
Eat a big meal.
Plow through
Move through somewhere where there is little space or there are obstacles.
Pull in
Areest or take someone to a police station for questioning.
Put up
Increase prices, taxes, duties, etc..
put up with
Rack up
Acquire a lot of something.
run out of
exhaust supply
Run up
Do or make something very quickly.
scrape together scrape up
Manage to find or collect enough of something you need, usually money
Screen out
Stop noticing something.
set off
Start a journey
Set up
Trick, deceive.
Shoot up
Damage with gun-shots.
Sign off
Stop doing something to leave.
Sign on
Open a claim for unemployment benefit.
sleep over
Stay overnight at someone else's home.
slow down
Spin out
Make something last as long as possible.
Splash out
Spend a lot of money on something that is not essential.