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Start up
Begin, especially sounds.
Stick with
Continue with something difficult or unpleasant.
Straighten out
Make clear and resolve.
Strike down
Strike out
Start going towards a place.
take care of
be responsible for
Take off
Take on
Assume a responsibility.
Take out
Extract or remove.
talk back to
answer impolitely
Tear off
Leave at high speed.
think back on
Throw over
End a relationship with someone.
Touch up
Touch someone in a sexual way.
Toy with
Move or play with something to occupy your hands.
Turn on
Start a machine.
Turn to
Try to get help.
vie with
Compete or rival with someone
Wade in
walk out on
Weigh in
Enter an argument forcefully.
Well up
Feel an emotion strongly.
Wind up
Tighten the spring in a watch or clock to make it work.