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vuoi (vuole) dirmi
would you tell me
lo stai (sta) facendo
you are doing it, he is doing it
non lo sta facendo
he (she) is not doing it
the university
the opportunity
the occasion
specialmente per te (Lei)
specially for you
la specialità della casa
the specialty of the house
non ho (il) tempo di farlo adesso
I don't have the time to do it now
non è possibile farlo adesso
it is not possible to do it now
time (passing of time)
time (sequence of occasions)
la prossima volta
the next time
vorrei avere l'occasione di vederlo la prossima volta
I would like to have the opportunity to see it the next time
due volte
twice, two times
potrò farlo la prossima volta
I will be able to do it next time
ma non potevo farlo ieri
but I couldn't do it yesterday
vorresti (vorrebbe)
you would like
desidero mangiare
I wish to eat
desidero vederlo
I wish to see it
mi piacerebbe molto vederlo
I would very much like to see it
secondo me
according to me, as far as I am concerned
secondo te (Lei)
according to you
non penso
I don't think
non pensiamo
we don't think
penso di partire
I plan on leaving, I plan to leave
I hope
mi aspetto di partire subito
I expect to leave soon
a che ora ti (si) aspetta di arrivare?
at what time do you expect to arrive?
voglio stare qui
I want to stay here
vorrei stare qui
I would like to stay here
mi farebbe piacere stare qui
it would please me to stay here
la voglia
the desire
ho voglia di…
I feel like... (lit. I have the wish)
non ho voglia di stare qui
I don't feel like staying here