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il bisogno
the need
ho bisogno
I need (lit. I have need)
ho bisogno di farlo
I need to do it
non hai (ha) bisogno di farlo
you don't have to do it
non hai (ha) bisogno di dirmi adesso perché non voglio saperlo
you don't have to tell me now because I don't want to know it
I could (past)
non potevo trovarlo ieri
I couldn't find it yesterday
dovrò comprarlo
I will have to buy it
I was supposed to
dovevo farlo ieri
I had to do it yesterday
doveva aspettare
he (she) had to wait, he (she) was supposed to wait
dovevo farlo
I had to do it
doveva farlo
he (she) had to do it
non volevo comprarlo
I didn't want to buy it
non volevo dirgli
I didn't want to tell him
non volevo dirti (dirle)
I didn't want to tell you
non avevo (il) tempo di farlo
I didn't have the time to do it
ero qui ieri sera
I was here yesterday evening
ma non era pronto
but it was not ready
tutto era pronto per te (Lei) stamattina
everything was ready for you this morning
mi dispiace ma non potevo farlo ieri perché sono stato molto occupato tutta la giornata
I am sorry but I couldn't do it yesterday because I was very busy all day
volevo andarci con te (Lei) ieri ma non ho potuto farlo perché sono stato molto occupato
I wanted to go there with you yesterday but I couldn't do it because I was very busy
era occupata
she was busy
ho occupato la casa
I have occupied the house
ho parlato con lui
I spoke with him
ho comprato qualcosa per te (Lei)
I bought something for you
la macchina
the car
non ho comprato la macchina per te (Lei)
I didn't buy the car for you
non ho capito
I didn't understand
perché non mi hai (ha) aspettato?
why didn't you wait for me?
sono andato
I went (lit. I am gone)
sono stato
I stayed (lit.I am stayed)
We are
siamo arrivati
we arrived (lit. we are arrived)
siamo arrivate
we arrived (feminine form)