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cosa stai (sta) mangiando?
what are you eating?
he (she) was eating
non lo mangierei
I wouldn't eat it
non lo mangierebbe
he (she) wouldn't eat it
ti (La) sto aspettando
I am waiting for you
ti (La) aspetterò qui
I will wait for you here
mi stava aspettando
he (she) was waiting for me
sto lavorando
I am working
stavo lavorando
I was working
ho lavorato
I worked, I have worked
he (she) waited
lavoro qui
I have been working here
ti (La) aspetto
I have been waiting for you
perché non hai (ha) aspettato?
why didn't you wait?
ho intenzione di comprarlo, lo comprerò
I am going to buy it, I will buy it
ho intenzione di comprarlo domani
I am going to buy it tomorrow
sto andando a comprarlo
I am going to buy it
vado a vederlo stasera
I am going to see it tonight
stai andando, sta andando
you are going, he is going, she is going
va bene
it is going well
non funziona
it doesn't work, it doesn't function
to fix, to repair
riesci (riesce) a ripararlo?
can you fix it?
devo farlo riparare
I must have it repaired
devo farlo cambiare
I have to get it changed
lo farò lavare
I am going to get it washed
adesso posso farmi capire in italiano
now I can make myself understood in Italian
per noi
for us
ha preparato la cena
he (she) prepared the dinner
tutto è preparato per te (Lei)
everything is prepared for you
tutti, tutte
all, they all (plural)
sono occupati
they are busy
tutti sono occupati
everyone is busy, all of them are busy
se lo vuoi (vuole)
if you want it
può averlo se lo vuoi (vuole)
you can have it if you want it