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Irregular Verb - Saprast "to understand"

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to understand
es saprotu
I understand
tu saproti
you (s) understand
viņš/viņa saprot
he/she understands
mēs saprotam
we understand
jūs saprotat
you (p) understand
viņi/viņas saprot
they understand
es sapratu
I understood
tu saprati
you (s) understood
viņš/viņa saprata
he/she understood
mēs sapratām
we understood
jūs sapratāt
you (p) understood
viņi/viņas saprata
they understood
es sapratīšu
I will understand
tu sapratīsi
you (s) will understand
viņš/viņa sapratīs
he/she will understand
mēs sapratīsim
we will understand
jūs sapratīsiet
you (p) will understand
viņi/viņas sapratīs
they will understand
would understand
understand! (s)
understand! (p)