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Irregular Verb - Būt "to be"

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to be
es esmu
I am
tu esi
you (s) are
viņš/viņa ir
he/she is
mēs esam
we are
jūs esat
you (p) are
viņi/viņas ir
they are
es biju
I was
tu biji
you (s) were
viņš/viņa bija
he/she was
mēs bijām
we were
jūs bijāt
you (p) were
viņi/viņas bija
they were
es būšu
I will be
tu būsi
you (s) will be
viņš/viņa būs
he/she will be
mēs būsim
we will be
jūs būsiet
you (p) will be
viņi/viņas būs
they will be
would be
man ir
I have (something)
tev ir
you (s) have (something)
viņam ir
he has (something)
viņai ir
she has (something)
mums ir
we have (something)
jums ir
you (p) have (something)
viņiem ir
they (m) have (something)
viņām ir
they (f) have (something)
be! (s)
be! (p)