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English Irregular Verbs

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had, had
to have
was/were, been
to be
went, gone
to go
got, got
to get
saw, seen
to see
came, come
to come
made, made
to make
did, done
to do
knew, known
to know
took, taken
to take
thought, thought
to think
put, put
to put
told, told
to tell
said, said
to say
gave, given
to give
wrote, written
to write
found, found
to find
ran, run
to run
began, begun
to begin
showed, shown
to show
kept, kept
to keep
set, set
to set
read, read
to read
left, left
to leave
heard, heard
to hear
held, held
to hold
sat, sat
to sit
stood, stood
to stand
meant, meant
to mean
felt, felt
to feel
ate, eaten
to eat
became, become
to become
bought, bought
to buy
broke, broken
to break
brought, brought
to bring