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English Irregular Verbs II

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caught, caught
to catch
chose, chosen
to choose
cut, cut
to cut
drank, drunk
to drink
drove, driven
to drive
fed, fed
to feed
flew, flown
to fly
forgot, forgotten
to forget
fought, fought
to fight
grew, grown
to grow
hit, hit
to hit
let, let
to let
lost, lost
to lose
met, met
to meet
paid, paid
to pay
sent, sent
to send
slept, slept
to sleep
sold, sold
to sell
spent, spent
to spend
spoke, spoken
to speak
taught, taught
to teach
threw, thrown
to throw
understood, understood
to understand
won, won
to win
wore, worn
to wear
awoke, awoken
to awake
bit, bitten
to bite
blew, blown
to blow
bore, borne
to bear
drew, drawn
to draw
fell, fallen
to fall
forbade, forbidden
to forbid
forgave, forgiven
to forgive
froze, frozen
to freeze
hid, hidden
to hide