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More Irregular Verbs I

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arose arisen
to arise
backslid backslid
to backslide
beat beat
to beat
bent bent
to bend
bound bound
to bind
bled bled
to bleed
bred bred
to breed
broadcast broadcast
to broadcast
browbeat browbeat
to browbeat
built built
to build
burnt burnt
to burn
bust bust
to bust
clung clung
to cling
clad clad
to clothe
crept crept
to creep
crossbred crossbred
to crossbreed
daydreamt daydreamt
to daydream
dealt dealt
to deal
dug dug
to dig
disproved disproven
to disprove
dove dived
to dive
dreamt dreamt
to dream
dwelt dwelt
to dwell
fit fit
to fit (be right size)
fled fled
to flee
flung flung
to fling
forecast forecast
to forecast
forewent foregone
to forego (also forgo)
foresaw foreseen
to foresee
foretold foretold
to foretell