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misspelt misspelt
to misspell
misspent misspent
to misspend
mistook mistaken
to mistake
mistaught mistaught
to misteach
misunderstood misunderstood
to misunderstand
miswrote miswritten
to miswrite
mowed mown
to mow
offset offset
to offset
outbid outbid
to outbid
outbred outbred
to outbreed
outdid outdone
to outdo
outdrew outdrawn
to outdraw
outdrank outdrunk
to outdrink
outdrove outdriven
to outdrive
outfought outfought
to outfight
outflew outflown
to outfly
outgrew outgrown
to outgrow
outleapt outleapt
to outleap
outlied outlied
to outlie (not tell truth) REGULAR
outrode outridden
to outride
outran outrun
to outrun
outsold outsold
to outsell
outshone outshone
to outshine
outshot outshot
to outshoot
outsang outsung
to outsing
outsat outsat
to outsit
outslept outslept
to outsleep
outsmelt outsmelt
to outsmell
outspoke outspoken
to outspeak
outsped outsped
to outspeed
outspent outspent
to outspend
outswore outsworn
to outswear
outswam outswum
to outswim
outthought outthought
to outthink
outthrew outthrown
to outthrow
outwrote outwritten
to outwrite
overbid overbid
to overbid
overbred overbred
to overbreed
overbuilt overbuilt
to overbuild
overbought overbought
to overbuy