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redid redone
to redo
redrew redrawn
to redraw
refit refit
to refit (replace parts)
reground reground
to regrind
regrew regrown
to regrow
rehung rehung
to rehang
reheard reheard
to rehear
reknit reknit
to reknit
relaid relaid
to relay (for example tiles)
relayed relayed
to relay (pass along) REGULAR
relearnt relearnt
to relearn
relit relit
to relight
remade remade
to remake
repaid repaid
to repay
reread reread
to reread
reran rerun
to rerun
resold resold
to resell
resent resent
to resend
reset reset
to reset
resewed resewn
to resew
retook retaken
to retake
retaught retaught
to reteach
retore retorn
to retear
retold retold
to retell
rethought rethought
to rethink
retread retread
to retread
retrofit retrofit
to retrofit
rewoke rewaken
to rewake
rewore reworn
to rewear
rewove rewoven
to reweave
rewed rewed
to rewed
rewet rewet
to rewet
rewon rewon
to rewin
rewound rewound
to rewind
rewrote rewritten
to rewrite
roughcast roughcast
to roughcast
sand-cast sand-cast
to sand-cast
sought sought
to seek
shaved shaven
to shave
shed shed
to shed
shone shone
to shine
shit shat
to shit
shot shot
to shoot
sight-read sight-read
to sight-read
slayed slayed
to slay (amuse) REGULAR
slew slain
to slay (kill)
slid slid
to slide
slung slung
to sling
slunk slunk
to slink
smelt smelt
to smell