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be about to
be ready to begin something/on the point of
be after
go after; chase
be against
be opposed to
be away
be absent
be back
be in
be at home; in one's office; etc
be in for
be about to experience (usually bad)
be on
be shown in cinemas, theaters etc.
be over
be finished
be up to
1) be equal to 2) depend on
break down
1) machinery: stop working 2) person: lose control of feelings
break in
1) enter by force 2) horses: train
break in on
break into
1) enter by force 2) burst into (song, laughter, etc.)
break off
1) stop temporarily 2) (transitive) end a relationship
break out
begin suddently (war, disease, fire, etc)
break out of
escape from a place
break up
1) (intransitive) separate; split up 2) stop for holidays (schools, etc.)