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see about
deal with; make arrangements for
see somebody off
go with somebody to their point of departure
see somebody out
accompany somebody to the door/exit
see over
inspect (a house, etc) (British)
see through somebody/something
not be decieved by somebody/something
see somebody through
support somebody unitl the end of a difficult time
see to
1) make arrangments 2) attend to something
set about
1) begin to do (British) 2) attack (British)
set aside
save for a special purpose
set back
1) delay progress of something 2) delay an event until a later date 3) (slang) cost (set someone back + amount)
set out
1) begin a journey 2) start a course of action with a clear aim in mind
set in
start and seem likely to continue
set on
(cause to) attack
set up
1) start a business (British) 2) build; erect 3) establish